Our prime objective is to provide education to all – regardless of caste or creed.

The following are our other objectives:

• To facilitate students to grow up as better human beings; emotionally composite and comprehensive; morally upright; spiritually devout and elate; to crack the shackles of self-centeredness, so to build up a better world of hope and optimism
• To prepare each child to face life situations with untiring courage and zealous confidence
• To mould pleasantly self-seeking positively self reliant, and above all, ultimately co-operative scholars by kindling the spirit of healthy competition through an array of academically benefiting co-curricular activities like athletics, sports
• To create human beings of character, prowess and prudence through an exceptionally skilled, academically diligent staff
• To mould socially responsible citizens who will judiciously work for the improvement of society; prepare them to voice against malices present in the society; to swim against the current and to fight against the odd and thus securing their integrity
• To help the children to become academically excellent scholars through the selected curriculam, at the same time, human beings of exceptional skills through the co-education; re-discovering innate talents and capabilities to enrich the future generation, thus leading to the formation of a spectrum of students who are multifaceted catalysts for the change in society
• To educate students from all strata of life; building a better society; breaking the barriers of cast, creed and colour; instilling in them the feeling of togetherness